Brand Strategy

Unleash the power in your brand.

We’re convinced there’s untapped power in every brand waiting to be set free with transformative digital and traditional marketing. Finding that energy begins with discovery.

Stakeholder interviews

Our brand strategy consultations start with an immersion into your business. Next, we’ll discuss problems and opportunities with your stakeholders. Then, we’ll align on your brand vision, trends in your industry, SWOT analysis, and begin to think about how marketing – both digital and traditional – can contribute to your business goals.

We won’t hold back the tough questions. We’ll ask your stakeholders: Is there anything your organization does anything poorly? Is your marketing strategy the same as your competitors? What is your reputation in your industry? What does your company need to do to adapt?

Considering competition and competitors

Next, we’ll turn our attention outward. We’ll study your competition and interview your customers. We’ll gather insights to learn what matters to your audiences and what problems you need to overcome.

Competitive landscape

When we look at your competitors, we’re looking deep. We’re not stopping at what their product or service does differently. We’re also taking time to understand their values and what benefits they offer their stakeholders. A thorough understanding of who you are up against helps us identify value gaps we can exploit.

Defining archetype

Stand out in a marketplace of lookalikes with an identity and voice unique to your brand and watch it resonate with your customers.

When Carl Jung defined the 12 basic human archetypes over 100 years ago – like heroes and outlaws – he probably didn’t think of them in terms of brands. But we do. We’ll match the core attributes, benefits, and values that make up your brand with the archetype that best portrays them.

Determining the right archetype allows a brand’s authentic voice to be defined. When you have a clear voice, it’s easier to create a persona. Then, you can establish consistency in your marketing channels and other external and internal communications.

Brand promise/essence

How do you make your customers’ lives better? What moves people to think, feel and act differently about you? That’s the promise or essence of your brand, and it’s the single most persuasive idea we can convey.

Finding and effectively elevating your brand promise will make your brand more prominent than the products and services you offer.

We find your brand promise by creating a brand position and messaging that are clear, unique, ownable, and motivating.

We don’t just focus on what you do. We go to the next level and explain how and why you do it as well.

Plan to execute

Our comprehensive brand strategy process can seem rather lofty until you see its spirit brought to life through highly effective and engaging websites, advertising, promotions, social media, and more. When smart strategy and execution work together the result is memorable experiences for your audiences, and measurable results for your brand.

Our brand strategy is only as good as how it’s executed. Which is why we use in-depth learning from the discovery process to develop a roadmap that fully realizes your organization’s positioning.

All online and offline channels are considered, as well as our analysis of customer behaviors and insights, so we can effectively and efficiently put your marketing dollars to work where they’re needed most.

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