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Long live the king.

Yes, content is still king. And this reign isn’t ending anytime soon. But change is happening. Customers are demanding content that is cheaper, faster, and smarter. If you can’t deliver the content your customers want, in the format they want it – on the device they’re using at the moment – you’ve lost them, in a matter of seconds. Surgically-precise content is critical to delivering a relevant brand experience that is both acknowledged and appreciated. Think of content like breath mints. It needs to be available when you want (or need) it, easily consumable when you have it, and shareable – if you’re so inclined.


The importance of video in marketing continues to grow. People prefer video to reading. This is not an opinion. This is fact, backed by eye-popping statistics. Here’s one: by 2020, 80% of all content consumed online will be video. We want to get your message in front of all those eyeballs, so we’ve become efficient at video content creation in a way that’s not only watch-worthy, but incredibly affordable.


We specialize in content created quickly, to be consumed quickly. Try saying that three times really fast. Your customers, no matter who they are, want to be delivered content in a way that can be read in short glances, and they want it at their fingerprints the second they snap, or tap. We’re skilled at taking what you need to say and presenting it in a way that can be easily absorbed and understood at the ready. By the way, we write longer as well, for when your audience is ready to sit and get in depth.


Good content is bookmarked. Great content is shared. We generate content that works harder for you. It’s simple: the more your content is shared, the greater your message is consumed. Advertising content can be measured against its best-performing predecessor so we’re continuously raising the bar on effectiveness and proving it through data.

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