Reputation Management

Your reputation is everything.

Online reputation management is an integration of multiple disciplines—some traditional, and some evolving even today. It’s the art and science of turning goodwill into business assets. And speaking of science, Imaginuity has a tool to help you maximize—not just manage—your brand’s reputation.

Key message development

Expound on your brand’s key selling points through long and short-form content that enriches the story and fosters positive conversations with and through consumers and influencers.

Commend® customer reviews

We developed the Commend customer satisfaction survey system to automate the deployment, collection, analysis and posting of customer reviews. It not only allows you to keep a close pulse on your in-market service performance, it directly promotes and feeds positive customer sentiments where customers are looking for them.

Customer endorsements

Two-thirds of consumers say that a positive customer review increases their trust in a brand or product. Our proprietary customer satisfaction and referral platform, Commend®, efficiently gathers and deploys consumer recommendations to leverage positive reviews and expand your customer base.

Greater brand visibility

We surround potential customers with purposefully designed brand cues and content, wherever they are looking, that captures their attention and funnels them through the purchase decision process.

Managed business listings

Managing the accuracy and impact of your business listings across every online platform is as important as managing your PPC and organic search performance. Through our website reputation management protocol, we constantly watch over every listing, featuring the key information that will convert customers is always forefront.

Public relations

Public relations is much more than a press release. It’s the curation of brand exposures and messages across consumer-trusted media channels to attract more customers. Our team develops relevant content, places it in front of the right audience, and connects the dots back to paid and owned channels to optimize effectiveness.

Reputation Management

Your Reputation is Everything

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