Brand & Identity Strategy

Engineering brands to engage.

In this rapidly changing connected world, marketing without a clear positioning is just white noise. Work with a brand agency who understands the complexities of bringing traditional and digital marketing together to create a truly integrated brand experience.

We start with business

Our brand strategists begin with an immersion into YOUR business; talking with your stakeholders about short- and long-term objectives, your brand vision, trends in your industry, how digital marketing can affect your revenue and bottom line. Analyzing your competition and interviewing your customers help our strategists get to the deeper insights: what really matters to your audiences, and what obstacles to overcome.

Brand positioning

Like everything we do, our approach to positioning leverages data. Through data, we extract leverageable insights into the consumers’ behaviors and the category’s competitive landscape – identifying the intersection with the brand’s strengths to craft a position that motivates consumers and separates from the competition.

Competitive advantage

Understanding a brand’s true strengths and opportunities, and positioning those within the competitive white space creates a unique advantage in the marketplace.

Synergistic communications

When every consumer touchpoint is guided by a sharp brand positioning, each communication builds upon the previous one to multiply the impact of every consumer touch along the journey for a total brand experience.

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