Creating meaningful experiences at every customer touchpoint

To drive conversions, you have to form relevant connections with your customers. For that to happen, the right brand strategy, positioning, messaging, and creative must be developed. Imaginuity can help you transform your brand and your business, from the ground up, into the ideal solution your target audiences are searching for.

Designing connective experiences throughout the customer journey

Brand Experience

Our definition of a brand experience is straight-forward: every single direct interaction your brand has with a current or potential customer. In today’s complex marketing eco-system, that includes digital interactions, such as websites, online video, apps, chatbots and gamification, as well as physical and traditional interactions, like in-person conversations, shopping environments, signage, print collateral, broadcast media and direct mail. All these interactions need to reflect the attributes, benefits, and values your product or service are built on in a voice that engages with, inspires and motivates customers to take a desired action.

Content is king. Strategy rules.

Content Strategy

The best content tells an interesting, compelling story about your brand. A content strategy atomizes that story and determines how it should be distributed so the right message is delivered to the right person, at the right time and place on the recipient’s device of choice.

Imaginuity’s content strategists are part sociologist, part storyteller and part cultural doyen who understand our client’s business, their customers and the cultural environment where business and consumer interact.

Positioned to convert.

Brand Identity and Positioning

A brand resides not with your business or your customer, but in the space that connects the two. A well-designed identity will draw their attention. The right positioning and strategy can build an inseparable bond. Bringing both together generates interest, purchase intent and can lead to long-term loyalty and advocacy.

Pinpoint perfect.

Email Marketing

There’s only one thing worse than having your email campaign ignored; and that’s not having it reach your target’s inbox to begin with. Email marketing is equal parts targeting, messaging, and engineering know-how. This is where we bring in the science. AdScience® to be specific.

AdScience unifies customer behavioral data and cross channel campaign data to make sure that each email campaign we develop has the highest chance for success.

Creative work that works harder.

Performance-Based Creative

Sharp creative comes from sharp pencils. While we design more and more for the digital world, our process is rooted in the traditional practice of customer-based conceptualization. That’s just a fancy way of saying we create to connect.

Creating content smarter, faster and for lower cost.

Content and Video

Yes, content is still king. And this reign isn’t ending anytime soon. But change is happening. There is a rapidly growing demand for content to be produced smarter, faster and less expensively. Your customer is on the move and if you can’t deliver the content they want, in the format they want it in suitable for the device they’re using at the moment – you’ve lost them, in a matter of seconds.

Finding and engaging with your followers.

Social Media Marketing

Your approach to social media can make or break your customer relationships. Our take on social media marketing begins with listening to first understand what people are saying about or want from you. Once this understanding has been established you can begin to engage with interesting content, across different social media platforms, aligned with what you want to achieve and your customer’s needs and expectations.


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