Wireframing tools for thinking through UX/UI

With a multitude of UX wireframing tools on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Balsamiq Mockups
    Balsamiq Mockups is a wonderfully easy to use tool with built-in UI components and icons. It enables anyone to quickly provide low-fi sketch wireframes which are easily exportable to PNG or PDF. Mockups is truly designed for quick, easy, cheap (in cost, not quality!) collaboration.
  • Axure
    Axure is an interactive wireframing tool that allows you to create both wireframes and prototypes with ease. It combines drag-and-drop features and flexible customizations along with no-coding needed output of HTML and specifications. You can create great working simulations of the final product. It also allows for either polished designs or the sketchy, hand drawn look.
  • Microsoft Visio
    Part of the Microsoft suite of software tools, Visio is a diagramming tool for creating simple mockups to more extensive wireframes. Extremely useful for sitemap creation, Visio has many useful features like track changes, diagram validation, automatic features and multi-page documents.
  • Omnigraffle
    Specifically designed for those using the Apple Mac platform, Omnigraffle is a smooth blend of diagramming tool and graphic design software. With features like layout engine, Bezier lines, shapes, stencils, and graphing tools you can create detailed charts, page layouts and wireframes with both beauty and precision.
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