Who says account managers aren’t creative?

Certainly not us. Here at Imaginuity, we place huge importance on forming creative teams, not just a creative department. In fact, we participate in programs like On My Own Time, where Imaginarians, creative or otherwise, get to enter their personal artwork into a juried competition. In the end, they could, and have, end up getting their work displayed at Northpark Center, which has featured such artists as di Suvero, Oldenburg and Warhol.

So whether it means coming up with creative solutions to problems, throwing a mind-blowing idea into the mix or fostering creativity at home, we think it’s important for our account team members to not only understand the creative process, but to contribute to it.

That’s why we were tickled when this incredibly creative resume hit the interwebs. It comes from a woman named Leah, seeking an accounts internship. One could easily mistake her masterful application for one coming from a designer. Leah (last names have been omitted to protect the innocent) created a Lego model of herself and extrapolated the theme out over numerous print pieces that highlight her skills.

“Build the perfect Account Service intern,” announces the headline on her portfolio.

She even displays sense of humor about the nature of internships, showing that she can bring the funny, and write, to boot. “From client presentations to a fresh pot of coffee, Leah tackles every project with excitement and purpose.” Or about as much purpose as you can have when refilling coffee.

But Leah not only knows about design and writing – she’s already succeeded at making her resume an online marketing success. She posted her work to imgur and Reddit, sparking over 2,000 comments and blog posts, like this one.

If there’s one thing Leah’s doing right (and she’s doing many things right) it’s that she’s showing that people who can write, design and market can also set their sights on an accounts position. The more folks we have like Leah, the better and more well rounded our agencies will become.

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