We’ve got an afternoon; let’s make an app!

Imaginuity Interactive recently had the pleasure of hosting participants of the Marcus Graham Project (MGP) summer boot camp through the process of designing an app for the iPad. In its third year, the MGP boot camp provides a diverse group of 16- to 34-year-olds the opportunity to form an agency in Dallas, and gain real-world marketing and advertising experience. The project selected by MGP is an app to generate funds and support for the Show Me Campaign, a non-profit organization that fights poverty and advocates for equal access to quality education.

While time constraints are always a major consideration in projects, our time was extremely limited. We had a single afternoon to guide the group through brainstorming, creating flow designs, mockups, mood boards and content that could launch future design iterations and ultimately lead to the app’s final design and development.

The group arrived at our offices shortly before noon in late June, to get to know one another over lunch before immersing ourselves into the crash course in app design. During introductions, it became obvious why each of the members were selected by the Marcus Graham Project for its summer-long boot camp: Many had started their own marketing and advertising businesses and had budding client lists. Others were attending graduate school. And all were passionate about pursuing careers in marketing and advertising.

After the brainstorming session, we divided the 11 members into three teams and separated them into breakout sessions to complete flow diagrams, mockups, mood boards and content. The ideas they presented at the end of the day employed various strategies and technologies to connect individuals, schools and lawmakers locally and nationally, to foster transparent communication among all and to make it easy for people to take action.

The group left Imaginuity with ideas and designs in-hand that will lead to the completion of an app that could be instrumental in shaping the future of education in America. We have a long-standing commitment of giving back to the communities we serve. It’s exciting to be part of a project that supports our commitment with the potential to also positively impact communities in other parts of the country.

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