Using technology for social good

What does social good mean? According to Investopedia, a social good is a good or service that benefits the largest number of people in the largest possible way. Last year I read an article on Former President Bill Clinton’s keynote speech at the Dreamforce Conference on cloud computing. Clinton discussed using technology to solve three of the greatest problems facing the world now:

  • Inequality
  • Instability
  • Unsustainability

He spoke about the economic inequalities and the disparity between the rich and poor, and appealed to the audience to use technology to lessen these problems and do some social good. Not to brag too much, but Imaginuity Interactive has been doing this exact thing for quite a while now.

Our company has been working for the social good since its founding in 1997. We provided kids from low-income families the opportunity to get involved, interested and inspired with technology. We also give many organizations the tools they need to keep working on their newly attained skills in technology. Imaginuity and its employees have a proven track record of doing great things for the social good and betterment of our communities.

Thankfully, other companies share our passion. Companies like Facebook, Twitter and Google have already proven that the power of technology can be used for social good. But this concept of social responsibility is not just for corporations. It’s also for individuals that want to make our world a better place, people who think that everyone deserves a shot at equality and stability.

If your company isn’t there yet in using technology for social good, here are a couple of websites you can leverage to make a personal difference.

  • Jumo: Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes’ start-up company matches budding philanthropists of all backgrounds with appropriate causes. In August, Jumo merged with GOOD, another philanthropic website.
  • and These sites help pair volunteers with volunteering opportunities all over the country.
  • Groupon: The popular deal-of-the-day site joined forces with Feeding America for a special charitable offer, helping feed a family of four for two weeks, for every $11 donation made.

However you choose to participate, it’s important to remember that every effort makes a difference. For those you help, and for you.

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