Top 5 Simple Things to make your Cold Calls more effective (and fun)!

Ideally, every sales email should be followed by a phone call, but very few call as much as they should. Here are a few things that will help even the most timid sales team members with their calls.

Top 5 Simple Things to make Sales Calls more effective (and fun)!

#1 Have LinkedIn open to the profile of the person you’re calling and look at their photo when talking.

#2 When leaving a message, don’t ever sound like you’re reading a script, but do have word-tracks, pre-written.

#3 When speaking to an Executive Assistant, if they get rude, you get extra nice. Even the toughest Screener will help a nice caller.

#4 When leaving a message, say as little as possible. It can make your message sound familiar and brief messages are far better received than long ones.

#5 When the line is ringing, SMILE… And keep smiling when your talking, as much as you can.

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