Top 5 Classic Movies for Sales

In Business Development we often live on our wits, the ability to think on our feet. The movies we watch can provide some great inspiration and great lines, as well.

Here are our Top 5 Classic Movies for Sales / Sales Training:

#1 Glengarry Glen Ross, 1992 : Somewhat in the darker side, but the Alec Baldwin speech is priceless.

#2 Wall Street, 1987 : Full of classic scenes and lines for anyone in sales.

#3 Moneyball, 2011 : When you think outside the box, you then have to sell your ideas, internally . Best scene: Visit to Scott Hatteberg’s house.

#4 Lord of War, 2005 : Another dark comedy, but the “sales tips” are hilarious.

#5 Boiler Room, 2000 : There’s a great scene where the crew is watching Wall Street and actually reciting the lines.

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