Top 5 AdScience® Centric SXSW Sessions

Calise Partners selects the top SXSW interactive sessions they’re most excited about.

South by Southwest (SXSW) – the interactive, music and film festival in Austin, Texas – is March 11 – 20. Calise Partners is excited to discover the emerging technologies that’ll be presented during the interactive sessions.

We take a scientific approach to learning and measuring our clients’ audiences to advertise smarter. So when we made our SXSW to-do list, we added some of the most technological and analytical events to our agenda. You can read about our top five below.

Big Data and AI: Sci-Fi vs Everyday Applications

In its beginning, even AdScience® was considered a sci-fi solution. This SXSW session will discuss how sci-fi becomes reality over time due to constant technological advancements. As algorithms become more advanced, they will better predict the consumer’s needs. This discussion will talk about what to expect in the future, developments currently in the works and how this will impact consumers and the advertising industry.

Like a Boss: Track Success with Google Analytics

Calise Partners’ AdScience uses advanced analytics to synthesize client data, so that we can make informed decisions for clients. We’re excited to attend all of the sessions that talk about tracking success, and this one is no exception. Bring your laptop to this workshop so you can discover the key metrics needed to align with your client’s objectives.

Better Living Through Data and Evidence

With strong data, we can learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. This panel will discuss the power that data and evidence have in positively impacting lives. This is particularly important as an advertising agency. We rely on accurate data to measure a campaign’s success. You can join this panel to learn about the dangers of not using data to make a difference and improve a company.

Transforming the Future: Advertising and the IoT Era

Sure it’s entertaining to watch the outlandish way movies portray the future, but what will the future really look like? More importantly discussed during this presentation — what is advertising’s destiny? This presentation will talk about marketing’s role in the era of the Internet of Things and how it can connect people.

Trust Me, I’m an Algorithm

We think this panel takes an interesting approach to advertising by using math to recognize what customers want – just like AdScience. These algorithms help companies make brand decisions that align with customers’ shopping habits. This panel will talk about the challenges and opportunities a company has when using a smart service, which can help develop customer trust.

Check back soon for new posts about our favorite interactive panels during SXSW!

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