‘Tis the Season…for Digital Advertising

Every November, I look forward to seeing the best advertising work for the year. After all, it is the month for the retailing frenzy we love to call Black Friday. While most people will fast forward through a TV ad or flip past a magazine or newspaper circular, I look at them with great detail.

What are they selling? How are they selling it? What is the concept? Is it memorable? Is it lame? Does it tie into an online experience?

Working in advertising and marketing, I find myself consuming all the advertising that I can and reviewing it for quality and effectiveness. As technology and innovation advances, I seem to consume more and more digital advertising on the web, on my phone, through email, texting and digital signage.

Yes, I look at web banners, read all my retail emails and look at digital signage.

Over the past few years, Imaginuity Interactive has certainly benefited from the push into digital advertising and away from traditional advertising. While telelevision commercials still command budgets in the millions for airtime, talent and creative production, companies like DoubleClick, Google, Facebook and Apple have taken significant market share away from traditional advertising.

Digital advertising certainly has its advantages

  • We know what you are searching for and then we show you the ad.
  • We can track every single click, from an online ad into your website and through to the e-commerce order.
  • Texting campaigns still have a 100% open rate. Everyone reads their texts. (At least until the spammers and unsolicited offers tap into that medium.)
  • We know what you like on Facebook, and then we show you ads with related content.
  • YouTube videos are awesome and they can go viral. (Fifteen minutes ago, we are all like, “Wow!  Gangnam Style! … Sigh. Psy. Good times.)
  • It’s cheaper to advertise online compared to national television or national print advertising.

Back to Black Friday

With so much riding on end-of-year sales results, the big retailers are upping their games.

  • As retailers jockey for attention and advantage, some stores are starting Black Friday on Thursday evening.  That’s still Thanksgiving Day, folks. What’s next, Black Week Before Thanksgiving?
  • Most retailers are pushing promotions and specials through social media and online advertising, right now.
  • Many national retailers are “leaking” their own deals and even their full circulars to online sources well in advance of Black Friday – on purpose — to generate excitement and hopefully full stores.

Search for “Black Friday specials” on your favorite search engine: Google or Bing or even YouTube.

Boom! You will get literally hundreds of entries and you can bet that Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Kohl’s are spending dearly to appear high in the results.

Some takeaways

  • Whether it’s Black Friday or your average Tuesday, digital can drive tremendous in-store traffic. IF businesses take the time to plan holistically and implement consistently, with a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that includes online and offline.
  • Consumers want to research, pre-shop, read reviews and compare prices online, so search engine optimization and marketing will become even more crucial to driving sales.
  • If you are planning to venture out for some Black Friday fun: travel safe, be polite and keep warm.
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