Think Outside the Box

In our vast, rapidly-changing world of technology, we’re always wondering, where’s the next big idea?  Many ideas start small and grow into something huge, making us think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”  These ideas aren’t always borne into big corporations with millions of dollars and hundreds of man hours being poured into them; they simply come from a want or need that someone realizes can be fulfilled with a little brainstorming and work.

In 2003 a web design firm began to realize that many of their projects were very disorganized.  They relied on email to keep track of where their projects were, often finding that people were left out of the loop and deadlines weren’t being met.  Why?  Because email is a place to communicate short term, but when it comes to a project with many dates for deliverables and to-dos, email isn’t the best tool for this type of organization.

That’s when the web design firm began to brainstorm their own project management tool; this tool became known as Basecamp.

This firm started to use Basecamp internally as well as with clients.  It gave everyone the ability to see the project in an organized manner.  The firm’s clients were so excited about Basecamp they wanted to use it as a project management tool in their own organizations.

So February 5, 2004, Basecamp was born and put on the market.  Ten years later, it has grown to almost 15 million users worldwide.

Here at Imaginuity we love ideas!  We encourage our employees to spend time thinking both inside and outside of their job scope.  That’s why last month we launched our Ureka Lab.  The Ureka Lab is a place for people to share and vote on ideas.  It can be a process in their job that they think could run smoother, or a problem outside of their job that they think others have too that could be fixed with an app or other gadget.

Once we have our ideas pinned, we vote on them, narrowing it down to the top three choices.  Then we brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm.  After we have completely thought about the ins and outs of our solution, we feed it to the senior leadership team, the Imaginuity Sharks.  They will hear the ideas, determine if we are ready to start working on the solution, the cost involved and the benefits of the outcome.  At this point the project is chosen and we start moving forward, or it’s back to the drawing board with the feedback from our sharks.

So the next time you find yourself asking, “Why is this so complicated?  It would be so much easier if I had [next big idea],” we encourage you to start thinking outside the box and brainstorming a way to make that big idea a reality.  It doesn’t take a big group or millions of dollars to make a big idea happen; sometimes all it takes is one person to speak up.

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