The Physics of Integrated Advertising

A recent Avidan Strategies survey presented by the Association of National Advertisers indicated that 74% of clients ranked Integrated Advertising Communications as the most important thing that agencies offer. Sixty-one percent of clients said the failure to integrate a holistic approach was their main reason for frustration.

Consider another recent study by RSW/US that shows that 90% of advertisers have at least 2 agencies working on their business and half of the advertisers in this study have at least 3 agencies working on their business.

The challenge facing these clients is Synergy: the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. It allows a marketer to take a quantum leap forward, considering how much more powerful a campaign is when it is fully integrated into multiple touchpoints directed at the customer. Clients often have trouble creating synergy in their marketing plan because they are dealing with too many incompatible elements

The solution to creating synergy is rarely found by forcing stubborn advertising traditionalists and online non-conformists together. The solution lies in finding a marketing partner that is as well versed in traditional advertising principles as they are in new media. The solution is working with an integrated advertising partner that has already achieved synergy for its clients.

We became convinced a long time ago that an integrated approach was more effective. Now, our AdScience® platform proves it. This powerful technology gives us the ability to aggregate customer data from various sources and append demographic, brand affinity, and customer intent data to garner new insights into a client’s customer base, ultimately mining for new customers more effectively.

Once integrated advertising campaigns are developed based on these real time insights, this platform measures the interrelationships between each media channel (both online and offline) and its overall impact on the cost per lead and conversion to a customer.

The more integrated the marketing plan, the higher the close rate. A recent example for one of our clients quantifies the effects of an integrated marketing program on close rate. The markets that used an integrated marketing program (using direct mail, SEM, out-of-home, broadcast and other traditional and non-traditional media) produced a close rate almost three times that of markets using direct mail alone. This is perhaps one of the most important measures of brand equity. What is even more impressive, is that the cost per contract varied only slightly even though more money was spent in the integrated program.

This may seem elementary but many marketers are not getting the synergy they had hoped for out of their marketing program. One of the obvious barriers is expertise. But the hidden barrier isn’t traditional expertise or digital expertise. The hidden barrier is scientific tracking and reporting. When marketers have a system in place to measure the true effect of their integrated marketing program , synergy becomes quantifiable and marketing programs are optimized to generate the most efficient sales possible. Take the mystery out of your integrated marketing program.

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