The Olympics: Let’s dream big

When I think about the Olympics, some of my most memorable moments come from the opening and closing ceremonies. Whether it’s James Bond and “the Queen” jumping out of a helicopter in London or the fireworks in the skyline of Beijing against the backdrop of the amazing Bird Nest (Beijing National Stadium), each host city contributes its essence to the Olympic movement.

In late 2012, Imaginuity Interactive was approached by the Dallas Olympic committee and Matt Wood to help build a winning bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics in Dallas.  The honor and privilege to be part of something so special was an easy choice for me — and the team at Imaginuity. As we learned more about the opportunity from Matt, I began envisioning the transformation of Fair Park into the Dallas Olympic Village.

We office in South Side on Lamar in the vibrant Cedars neighborhood, just a few blocks from the new Convention Center Hotel. Having the Olympic Village only three miles away from Imaginuity would be awesome; like having the Olympics in our backyard. While the event is 11 years away, my passion for sport lets me daydream for our entire DFW Metroplex. I can see:

  • The Cotton Bowl hosting track and field events
  • The soccer games happening at Pizza Hut Park
  • Swimming and diving at the SMU Natatorium
  • Golf perhaps at the TPC Four Seasons in Las Colinas
  • Soccer finals and team sports at Cowboys Stadium

With the Dallas Mayor Mike Rawling’s Grow South initiative, there are also some amazing opportunities to redevelop areas directly south of downtown, which could provide long-term economic opportunities for the neighborhoods we share. South of downtown has available land, a trained workforce, solid infrastructure … and room to grow.

Of course, the competition will be intense. Like Dallas, several cities around the world are exploring bids. While we see so much competitive spirit and pageantry around the Olympics, for me the ideals of the Olympics inspire my efforts for Dallas. The Olympics movement is about peace through sport.

If Dallas wins the opportunity to be the steward of the Olympics for four years, the city, the state and our Olympics Team USA will host the world. We can contribute the best of our unique city to the Olympic movement, for the betterment of the world.

That is a big deal.

As they say, think global and act local. Imaginuity has been given this opportunity to help bring the Olympics to the great city of Dallas. We start brainstorming for branding, marketing and pursuit efforts this month.

The new year brings new possibilities. Hey, there are only 11 years left. This will be a fantastic ride.

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