The Hopper Squashing Television Advertisements

Coming in hot, the Hopper from Dish Network may be the final nail in the coffin to television advertisements. The Hopper not only allows users to record their favorite shows and movies, but it also gives them access to completely “hop” over commercials and advertisements, without ever having to hit the fast-forward button, causing uproar in TV land.

Using the feature Primetime Anytime, viewers are able to watch all shows from channels ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS between the hours of 8pm – 11pm EST Monday – Saturday and 7pm –11pm EST on Sundays completely commercial free for up to 8 days. Sounds as if it’s television clients dream come true, but where does that leave the commercials that companies spend millions of dollars on every year? Is the Hopper the beginning of the end for television advertisements, or is it an opportunity for companies to take their advertisements elsewhere?

Having technology like the Hopper, companies are going to need to look for a different media outlet to advertise their products. With the internet, businesses can stop forcing their products and services on people who aren’t interested, and cater to the people who are actively consuming or purchasing. We all know that commercials have a target audience, and are timed accordingly. We see pizza and beer commercials during football games for the men, Target and Victoria Secret commercials for women, but it seems half the time commercials do not really apply to our life presently. Using the internet as a media outlet for advertisements, companies can focus their ads on the wants and needs their clients are actively consuming.

Let’s assume that you are searching the internet for winter clothes for a ski trip, and you are currently looking at jackets; this would be a perfect opportunity for a footwear company to advertise their new winter snow boots. Now you think to yourself, “Hey, I could use some new boots for my trip,” and you go ahead and purchase those boots. Proof that the advertisement worked. The ad peaked the consumer’s interest and offered them something that was related to what they were actively searching.

With the internet better connecting companies to their clients, there is less need to spend the extra millions of dollars to get a television time-slot. Businesses can just run their pay-per-click ads alongside organic search results making the ads more effective and relatively cheap to promote.

The Hopper is just the beginning. It’s only a matter of time when the other cable companies start to approach technology like this, and make it better. Perhaps the capability to “hop” over commercials on every channel, making television commercials become completely extinct. The best suggestion would be for companies is to take to the internet as their next frontier for advertisements and commercials, as it is more effective, cheaper, and fresh.

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