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Understanding the behavior and motivation of your current customers can help you more profitably mine for new customers. The more you know about their customer journey, the more new customers you’ll attract.

Here are a few reasons why customers may be looking for you online:

  1. They search online for a solution to a problem and find your brand in the search results.
  2. They see your commercial on television, hear it on the radio or see it in other offline mass media, and they search for your brand online.
  3. They engage with their friends on social media who refer them to your brand.
  4. They hear through the press how your brand is solving their problem for others so they search for it online.
  5. They receive a branded direct mail piece that prompts them to search for your brand online.

How can we prove that a customer begins their customer journey in one channel and ends in another? AdScience®, that’s how.

Calise Partners is an integrated marketing agency that is developing fully integrated campaigns for clients who utilize broadcast, social media, PR, direct mail and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). We’ve pioneered the modern practice of Advertising ScienceTM and developed the powerful AdScience Data Management Platform. AdScience provides us the ability to visualize the customer’s journey and to fully understand the interrelationship of our different media channels—like understanding that a customer received a direct mail piece but went online to research and respond.

AdScience aggregates a multitude of data points for our clients, including extensive current customer data, advertising spend/media activity and real-time lead data, providing the opportunity for a panoramic look at the customer journey. With the ability to visualize ALL of the data, we can overlay variables to look at their influence on one another, discovering patterns and identifying opportunities for creative and media optimization.

With AdScience, we can monitor and visualize the performance of every campaign. These insights allow us to quickly evaluate campaign performance and make game-changing recommendations based on real-time learning. For example, we wanted to prove our theory that when certain offline media is in market, there is an increase in online leads. We tested our hypothesis with an independent bivariate linear regression analysis. As a result, we concluded with 98% certainty that this specific offline media had a significant influence on online leads.

Having proved the correlation between the influence of this offline media and an increase in online leads, AdScience influenced us to completely change our bid strategy, making our SEM campaigns more effective and cost efficient than previously possible.

The AdScience system is flexible. It combines an array of databases into one view for an up-to-date, complete picture of your business, replacing disjointed, ad hoc views from an array of databases and vendor reports. And it aggregates all of your advertising data from budgets to media buys, not just the customer response data, leading to more insights and more new customers than ever before imagined.

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