The bridge, refreshed

On Saturday June 23, Imaginuity finished the mural work on the Cadiz Bridge that was started in November. The mural, greeting visitors and residents, portrays the personality of the Cedars neighborhood and downtown Dallas.

We completed the mural by extending two large designs, touching up existing work, and filling the remaining wedge panels as the underpass rises up to Lamar. The new designs from Executive Creative Director Tim Langford include imagery related to fashion, accentuating the culture of Cedars, and music, addressing the Arts District downtown.

The railroad bridge, which is still in use, was once a victim of neglect, abuse and vandalism prior to our rejuvenation plan. Once we added our creative touch, we experienced a deluge of praise regarding the bridge’s new look.

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Check out our pool party on the roof of South Side on Lamar

Through an alliance with the late Jeff West of Matthews Southwest and the South Side Public Improvement District, we have been able to design a sustainable mural for this notable bridge tunnel, but not without the help of our volunteers eager to support the community.

Since the first phase of the project in 2011, Imaginuity has added several new employees. This power in numbers allowed for more volunteers to ease the workload, and we were able to complete the second phase of the project quickly and efficiently.

“In addition to everyone pitching in to paint, we had a 13-person committee that helped plan this phase of the bridge project,” said Tammy Hooker, Cadiz Bridge planning committee co-chair. “We had teams for PR, safety and logistics at the bridge, which meant we made sure that everything we needed was on hand.”

Immediately following the bridge painting, we threw a 10-year year anniversary celebration on the rooftop pool at South Side on Lamar, to honor the commitment and excellence of:

  • CEO Corbett Guest
  • Executive Creative Director Tim Langford
  • Vice President of Business Development Gary Hooker
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