Taking PPC ad performance from good to stellar

We’ve heard clients say of their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) agencies, “PPC is like a vending machine with blacked out glass. You put money in the top and hope that a qualified lead will come out.” But the truth is, PPC advertising produces a lot of data. For a deeper understanding of PPC ad performance, you have to consider other factors such as the impact other media have on search behavior. Or the time of day or days of the week when PPC ad performance peaks and subsides.Particularly when a campaign targets multiple markets and multiple audiences using a multitude of ads and ad groups. The factors that contribute to the success of a particular ad or ad group are complex. It’s not a simple matter of promoting the best performers.

That’s where AdScience® comes in. The AdScience data management platform looks at all the data. It sees how certain offline media affects PPC performance. It analyzes PPC ad performance based on time of day and days of week. And it presents insights through data visualizations that make it easy to see what’s really happening.

The undeniable effectiveness of the AdScience platform was clearly felt in a recent PPC campaign launch for a client. The campaign was slated to run in 44 markets across the country. To prepare for the big push, we ran a one-month test in ten markets. Then we took everything we learned and applied it to our 44-market campaign. And the results are stellar.

A 58% increase in leads. During the first month of testing, we increased leads by 58% from the previous month. Using the AdScience platform’s data visualizations, we optimized the test campaign, and were able to bring down the average cost per lead by 48%.

The prepared mind. As Mr. Pasteur suggested, “fortune favors the prepared mind.” And in this case he couldn’t be more right. By taking the learnings from the test campaign and applying them to the 44-market launch, we are already seeing stellar results, just few days in.

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