SXSW and the World’s Most Valuable Instagram

In the very near future, consumers can get rich off of Instagram helping brands get even richer.

We used to say a picture is worth a thousand words. Soon it could be worth a thousand bucks. At least that’s what the VisualMktg panel at SXSW is banking on as they prepare for an Internet where every image we see is linked to a fast purchase.

And what will make this future vision a reality? Easy money, of course. Imagine you post a picture of yourself on Instagram playing with your dog. And in that picture is a dog toy that is sold by Bark & Co. And then, someone clicks on your pic and when they do, that dog toy is automatically purchased from Bark & Co. and delivered to them. And guess what? You get a sales commission from Bark & Co. since your picture prompted the sale.

This is the idea behind the SXSW session titled “Finding the worlds most valuable Instagram.” And if this whole idea sounds a little wild, consider this: Facebook and Twitter have Buy buttons that can be included in posts. Instagram has a Shop NOW button. And Pinterest has Buyable Pins. And in China, WeChat has fully integrated ecommerce into their social media platform.

Of course, there’s one very important aspect to this whole image commerce equation that will really help it succeed. And that’s science. All those clicks. All those purchases. All those commissions. All that data. This looks like a job for AdScience®. With AdScience, our clients can see the performance of their marketing dollars in real time and determine the exact impact in generating a customer lead. They can improve customer engagement and loyalty. And they will gain valuable, actionable insights into their customer database.

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