SXSW, AdScience®, The Washington Post and Innovation Driven Business

Innovation is the key to building a better tomorrow. We went to SXSW and discovered companies like Calise Partners that just won’t wait for tomorrow.

The Washington Post is a company dedicated to innovation. While many newspapers fell to the disruptive power of the Internet, the Washington Post responded to that challenge with increased investments in both their newsroom and their technology. The result has been a new kind of news delivery that has made them more relevant and more interesting to the public. Here’s what we learned at the SXSW session, “Project Loxodo: The Washington Post.”

They call their solution “Loxodo”. Loxodo is a data driven solution that generates a more relevant and effective output based on the business intelligence that it feeds on.

Loxodo has a unified front end and a backend that is built to support a series of innovative metrics. It uses an algorithm to see if various news sources are talking about the same story. And then it identifies the most interesting and unique angle for a post. Loxodo is constantly surveying readers and incorporating the results into its database. And it’s fueled by a newsroom that scours the social web for leads on interesting and emerging stories.

We find it easy to draw comparisons between Loxodo and AdScience®. Both platforms rely on loads of data. And both platforms use specially designed front ends to draw the data out and turn it into useful, actionable information and content.

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