Supporting diversity in the real world

The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) began in 2008 with the question, “What will we do to create a ‘lil bit of change’ in our country?” With that question came action by Lincoln Stephens and a few of his colleagues. It generated the idea of a sponsored training and a sustainable infrastructure for mentoring young African Americans to prepare for professional careers in the marketing and advertising industries.

The cornerstone of this effort is the iCR8 Summer Boot Camp, a summer-long program which provides the participants with much needed exposure and experience via topical case studies, hands-on development projects and a round-robin of visits with top agencies in the DFW area.

Imaginuity Interactive has been there supporting these efforts by hosting a half-day seminar focused on a hands-on experience in one aspect of the business. And, of course, being located in the same historical building in Dallas with the MGP group (South Side on Lamar), we provide a presence and support at all MGP events as well.

This year marks our third year working with the Marcus Graham Project and as always we look forward to our summer with the group!

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