Staying Ahead of the Digital Curve

Here at Imaginuity, our office is teeming with progressive thinkers. We’re always looking for new digital strategies to help our clients connect and engage with their audiences. We’re not afraid to try new things; Fear is the enemy of innovation.

Sometimes what’s needed to achieve our clients’ goals is so cutting-edge that others are unwilling to take the risk. We, on the other hand, charge right in and get to work discovering, learning, analyzing and setting a bar that others strain to reach. It’s what we do; it’s in our collective advertising and marketing DNA, which has been shaped for 18 years now.

Further, our forward thinking attitude is reflected in our agency mantra: Deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time and place, in the most effective manner.

As an agency, we continually examine and consider new channels. Take the social media platform Snapchat, for example. While it still has a relatively small audience, we recognize the app as an effective way to reach difficult-to-reach millennials where and when they were paying attention.

A look inside the Snapchat numbers speaks its relevancy as a viable communication channel. According to eMarketer, November 2014 polling conducted by Cowan and Company showed that 18- to 29-year-olds accounted for 71 percent of U.S. Internet users who had accessed Snapchat in the prior 30 days. A demographic breakdown of regular Snapchat users conducted by CivicScience in August 2014 skewed heavily toward young millennials and revealed that 43 percent of Snapchat fans were between the ages of 18 and 24.

While overall Snapchat penetration is still somewhat low among millennials—anywhere from 22 to 28 percent depending on the reporting source—evaluating and giving consideration to the platform is representative of how we think when it comes to reaching and influencing a client’s key audience, even before others have recognized the potential of such outlets.

Being ahead of the curve is nothing new for us. As a matter of fact, our forward thinking ways date back almost two decades to when Imaginuity was still in its infancy. The year was 1997, Internet penetration was about 1.7% of the world’s population (as compared to an est. 45% in June, 2015), and interactive and digital were still largely ambiguous and undefined realms.

Even back then, Corbett Guest, one of Imaginuity’s founders and CEO, began to see opportunity on the Internet, which at the time was what was very much the frontier of marketing. Corbett, along with his two partners, Gary Hooker and Tim Langford, forged ahead on the newly opened path. They began with website design and simple online advertising, but always with an eye to the future, and in service of furthering their clients’ businesses.

The trio firmly believed the online world would blossom and become the 365/24/7 digital universe it is today. As it turns out, they were right. In the intervening year since Imaginuity’s humble beginnings, online advertising and digital marketing have exploded. Today, there are essential components of successful integrated marketing campaigns.

With that foundation beneath us, the team at Imaginuity continues to push the boundaries for our clients, as we strive to innovate in the name of more effective client campaigns.

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