Spotify Goes Free

I know what you’re thinking: Isn’t Spotify already free? Yes, Spotify, the music streaming service that resembles Pandora, is free to download and listen to on your laptop. Marketers have been enjoying the ad boost they get on Spotify, since users can’t fast forward through commercials between songs.

However, until now, you’d have to buy a subscription to escape the ads and access your Spotify account on mobile. And let’s be honest – isn’t that where you need it most? In the car, poolside, you get the idea.

Well, the folks over at Spotify decided to loosen up the rules a little so that mobile freeloaders can listen to their playlists in shuffle mode. That means skipping and pausing are okay, but make sure your playlists are airtight because you are at the mercy of the Music gods for song choice. (“Ice, Ice Baby” needs to go. It’s time.)

Of course, with the free version you’re still getting intermittent ads, but that’s the price you (didn’t) pay. But what a great chance for marketers to bug the ears of Millenials, not only on their computers but on their commutes! Not to mention the fact that there’s incredible targeting information that will help marketers hone their message to a very specific audience, or alternately reach out to the more than 24 million Spotify users.

So what do you think of the change? Big deal or big whoop?

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