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I am one of those lucky people who gets to say that I love my job and mean it. I love leading a team, mentoring young talent, watching people grow and helping people find their strengths and gain confidence in their abilities, and that’s what I get to do each day.

I joined Imaginuity at a time of rapid growth so I’ve had the opportunity to morph my leadership role to match what the company’s needs are as we continue to evolve as an organization. I’ve learned to let myself be uncomfortable so that we continue to innovate; to try new things and think of new ways to deliver for our clients.

One of the most rewarding parts of my role is watching our account managers grow into their positions. Because we’re an agency that continues its growth, our account managers have the opportunity to directly manage clients across a wide variety of projects versus playing a small, narrow role on accounts, as they might at more traditional agencies. These are rare opportunities for young talent in our industry.

I try to instill in my team the foundations of client service that my mentor (who was the best of the best when it came to managing client partnerships) taught me when I was an account director for another agency:

  • Always focus on the client’s business objectives to guide the work.
  • Measure results to validate the work and highlight value.
  • Stay close to the details of all of your accounts and your clients will have more confidence in you.

As I reflect on my career path this Women’s History Month, I think of the teammates at the table with me. How together we have the opportunity to play an integral role in the great work we do for our clients and also help shape the future of Imaginuity. I am in awe of them and so grateful to work with such an inspiring, creative, smart and fun group of people. I am incredibly proud to lead beside them.

I also think of all the strong women in my life who I’ve been blessed to have as role models in both my professional and personal life; those who have instilled in me an interest in the world of work and leadership. My hope is that I, too, can continue that legacy and one day, someone whom I’ve mentored will say the same thing about me.

Evolving and growing the account management function at Imaginuity has been a fun challenge. Thanks to my teammates for letting me be part of your career and thanks to the leadership team at Imaginuity for inspiring me with your talent and drive.

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