More Leads, More Home Runs – Marketing is a Game of Numbers

As Spring baseball is in full swing, we got to thinking how the close rate as a percentage of leads or sales calls is analogous to the batting average in baseball as the number of hits divided by at bats. The more times you are at bat, the more chances you have to improve your skills. Carl Yastrzemski is credited with the most at bats with 11,988 and is the 37th all-time homerun hitter. Way to go, Carl.

Carl is quoted as saying “I remember I was a scared rookie, hitting .220 after the first three months of my baseball season, and doubting my ability”. We figure with as much time as he spent hugging that five-sided slab of rubber called home plate, he got comfortable swinging the bat.

As an integrated marketing agency, our job is to generate qualified leads for our clients. The more leads we generate, the more times a salesperson gets an at bat and the more chances they have to close a sale.

We generate hundreds of thousands of leads for our discount home buying client, but why not generate more? Especially when we can put lead generation right in the hands of the salesperson.

That line of thinking led us to develop smartphone technology that allows a salesperson to stand in front of a house and send a direct mail letter to the homeowner offering a no obligation consultation. Using geo-location and API technology, the smartphone app instantly provides a USPS® certified address with data regarding the property characteristics that quantify the house as a viable lead. Then, as easy as pressing “send”, the application executes a direct mail drip campaign to that lead.

More qualified prospects leads to more leads, which leads to more at bats which turns into more chances to hit a long ball home run. There’s a scientific formula for success.

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