Mopocalypse Now: How Imaginuity Can Save You from Mobilegeddon

Can you envision a future in which non-mobile friendly websites are forever banished from Google’s highly-coveted top rankings page? After years of a company’s yeoman efforts to reach the pinnacle of Google search visibility, they are now forced to roam the back pages of search results. On April 21, 2015, Google executed its plan to drag business websites kicking and screaming into a mobile-friendly future with an update to its search engine algorithm. The update, which spawned the term “Mobileggedon,” heavily penalizes websites that Google deems non-mobile friendly. Having slain its competition, Google is the viceroy of search engines. Survival in its evolved ecosystem is contingent on your ability to adapt and pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. Fortunately, Imaginuity excels at optimizing websites for mobile-friendliness, and we can save you.

Why you should care about Mobilegeddon

If your website resides in the Stone Age, a cataclysmic event from a Google search perspective may be on the horizon for your business. American Apparel, whose site fails Google’s test, has felt the coupe de grace of Mobilegeddon. Google search “Best American clothes” as of last week, and American Apparel is MIA.

ThinkWithGoogle statistics show a whopping 74% of mobile consumers use search engines, and 48% of mobile research starts on a search engine. A non-mobile friendly website will cost you customers and dollars. In your absence from the rankings, your competitors will have a mighty advantage to organically drive traffic to their mobile-friendly websites.

How Imaginuity can rescue you from Mobilegeddon

Since our inception in 1997, Imaginuity has remained at the forefront of website design, mobile, user experience, technology, social media, analytics and reporting, SEO/SEM and digital strategy. We specialize in creating mobile-friendly websites that pass Google’s exam and perform exceptionally well against the 200 ranking factors that determine a website’s position.

These are a few things we can do to help you pass Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test:

  • Enhanced website information architecture for smartphones, phablets, tablets and desktop computers
  • Software that is responsive across multiple devices
  • User-friendly design
  • Crisp and readable text without pinch to zoom hand gestures
  • Adaptive and responsive design where flash is replaced with HTML5
  • Streamlined content hierarchy
  • Mobile optimization to increase the speed of which webpages load

Your ally  in coded armor

Mobile will play a significant role in Google’s plans going forward. Therefore, your company has to allocate resources to optimize its website’s mobile capabilities.Imaginuity can conquer Google’s test and save you from the phantom zone. If your website is not yet responsive, it’s in your best interest to reach out to us immediately. Keep in mind, Google is not punishing anyone with the update to its search engine algorithm. It’s acknowledging the new trends and website capabilities to enhance the user experience.

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