Mobile Apps Can Make You Money

It is amazing how much we rely on mobile apps every day. There are several out there that will help you send money. Western Union and all of the major banking Mobile Apps make it easy to send cash. Have you ever gotten a text from a son or daughter in college asking to drop a few bucks into their account? Chase makes it instantaneous to transfer money. As parents, we joke about the fact that there was no Chase App when when we were in school. Somehow, we got by. As for spending money, Apple Pay is amazing and there are too many shopping Apps to even mention.

But how about Mobile Apps that help you MAKE money? They are a little tougher to come by. In fact, we asked Siri and she directed us to a Yahoo Finance article that featured fifteen Mobile Apps that can make you money ( These apps award points, deliver coupons for grocery savings or provide other similar ways to make small amounts of money for completing certain tasks.

How about about Mobile Apps that will make you tens of thousands of dollars? Lead Dog® is the most widely used App on the market for generating real estate leads using direct mail to specifically target a house. In an effort to make our franchisees more money, we invested our money in putting lead generation in the palm of their hands.

Lead Dog technology allows a salesperson to stand in front of a house and, through the use of a smart phone App, send a direct mail letter to the homeowner offering a no obligation consultation to buy the house. The smartphone app instantly provides the user a USPS® certified address and imports property characteristics data such as the house value, mortgage amount, equity and other information that quantifies the house as a viable lead. Then, as easy as pressing “send”, the application executes a direct mail drip campaign to the homeowner.

Most importantly, clients are raving. In a recent email to fellow franchisees, Adam Schneider said, “For those of you who have not actively used Lead Dog, talk with Skip Stephenson. I was with him today looking at a property and he received a Lead Dog buy call. That’s his second Lead Dog buy call this week. He has an appointment next week to check out the first one… pretty cool.”

Thanks Adam. We think it’s pretty cool too.

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