Measuring the effectiveness of interactive media

Part I: Why Blog?

Everybody’s doing it. I’ve been tasked to write two blog posts this week, but how does doing this benefit my company?

What comes to mind first are the SEO benefits; content is the food that feeds the search engine robots. Search engines like Google and Yahoo! scan a website’s content and look for keywords and phrases to rank the site. The more a keyword is correctly used, the more likely a site will be found, and blog posts allow you to focus on keywords important to your audience. For example, you can’t just write “website design and development” over and over again on a page and expect results, but you can write the previous sentence in context and boost your page ranking.

Another great advantage to blogging is the very close and personal relationship you can build with customers. People have always preferred to work with those they feel they know. It’s great for current and prospective clients to see and read about outside activities and community service events your company is involved in. For example, did you know that our CEO just played a concert to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

I think the best reason to blog is audience engagement. I’m going to post the link to this blog post on my Facebook page. Maybe someone will comment and start a conversation with me, or maybe I’ll learn about another means to achieve our company’s goals. Either way I’m hoping it will get people thinking and talking about the effects of blogs and other interactive media.

Stay tuned for part II: Why Facebook?

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