Meaningful Connections in the Office

At Imaginuity, creating meaningful connections is deeply tied to our core values as a company. It is more than networking opportunities or being friendly to my coworker. It’s about getting the right message across, at the right time, using the right medium, right here at the office.

As an Imaginuity employee, meaningful connections are made everyday with co-workers. The amount of trust that we have with each other creates something more than simply surface acquaintance. Everybody that works here has the drive to go the extra mile. Working with such driven team helps inspire and motivate me every day. With this drive also comes trust. Working as close as we do here you have to essentially create an unbreakable vow with your coworkers (for you Harry Potter nerds out there). I need to be able to trust and rely on them to get their work done so that I can get my work done, and vice versa. This also allows us to be able to lean on each other when necessary. If I’m drowning in work I know that I can go to my coworker for help and they will do what they can to stop me from sinking and help me swim.

The company culture at Imaginuity is another aspect of what makes these meaningful connections. Being a relatively small workplace allows us to be a close tight-knit family. We succeed and fail together. Everybody has a unique set of skills and personality, and Imaginuity respects and encourages this. It never feels like they want to make us into a cookie-cutter employee. Individualism and diversity are encouraged and through that we are able to connect more meaningfully.

These meaningful connections at Imaginuity allow us to produce great work, while having fun along the way.

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