Meaningful Connections with Our Customers

Meaningful Connections are the outward embodiment of our company Core Values. Those connections for Imaginuity are as an organization, and as individuals putting into practice the things we have defined as the fiber of our company. Put simply, Meaningful Connections are the relationships we build that stand the test of time.

The Foundation

To truly display our core values to our customers, we need a solid foundation on which to build. With very few exceptions, to establish Meaningful Connections, we need to deliver success. Without that success, it’s hard to develop long-term relationships. Success for us begins with two things: first, choosing the right customers and second, understanding the customer’s business environment. Knowing the business environment has become table stakes these days, so let’s focus on choosing the right customers for a minute.

Like any other executive team, we outline our target market as part of our annual planning. But the right customer goes beyond that. Our business development team knows that within that target market, we still need to find companies that are the right fit for Imaginuity and vice versa. Both parties need to know that our work styles will mesh and that we will be able to partner together to solve issues that are inevitable to any complex project.

It may seem like a trivial example, but if a prospect asks us to present to their Board of Directors wearing a suit and tie, we are highly likely to say “thanks, but no thanks.” It’s not who we are; and it wouldn’t be authentic. We have to be authentic. We have a compelling story to tell and that is what we hang our hat on – not a three-piece suit (and just for the record, we aren’t rolling up anywhere in board shorts and sandals either).

Our Values

We do not talk about these as overtly in our sales pitch as we do when recruiting, but these are the qualities of Meaningful Connections in our culture:

  1. Trust
  2. Driven
  3. Craftsmanship
  4. Community

The Trust our teams build with our customer’s stems from us being transparent and upfront with them. We always act in their best interest, even if it means a change in direction or delivering bad news. We know our stuff and we know when to bring in outside experts. We do what we can to set our customers up for success.

Driven and Craftsmanship are the values that push us to great results. We are driven to do what it takes to get it done, and getting it done means to the highest quality possible.

Community is the sense of “we’re in this together” that our teams cultivate. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been in status meetings or impromptu customer meetings and I hear “we would be lost without [name of creative, developer, strategist, account manager, etc.].” Or I visit a customer and they tell me “so-and-so needs to be on all of our projects going forward.”

Meaningful Connections is the culmination of all of this. It is why we’ve had the success we’ve had and the long-standing customers we still have. It’s also the rocket fuel on where we are going with our current and future customers.

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