Looking to the Past, Creating for the Future

Here at Imaginuity, we pride ourselves on thinking and working in new ways. What sets us apart is the same thing that distinguished the great designers of the 1950′s, most notably a group called Pushpin Studios. Formed in New York City in 1954, this group fostered the ascent of design to a higher art form. Graphic designers such as Milton Glaser and Seymour Chwast created visual pieces that not only informed, but were aesthetically beautiful. This is the desire we Imaginuity designers have: to make the world around us beautiful and memorable.

The 1950′s marked a rebirth of not only the economy, but also a flourishing advertising and graphic design industry. The Age of the Consumer meant there was a product to sell, and the best way to do that was to make your product attractive. Everything has the opportunity to be visually stunning, and Pushpin capitalized on that fact with advertisements that are, today, collected as art. Pushpin knew the power of ink and paper, and it is that expertise that fostered a revival and respect of the graphic arts. It is the same level of expertise that drives us at Imaginuity to learn and lead in this digital revolution. Some agencies today choose to ignore the digital world, it is a scary place for the timid designer after all, but that’s not the attitude we need for the next generation of media. 

Our world is now full of smart phones, screens, and information everywhere, which makes for a designer’s dream. The funny thing is, only a few studios are focusing on this next generation of media. Just as Pushpin Studios elevated the world of print design, we at Imaginuity are focused on making the digital world more visually stunning. The one belief that unites us as designers at Imaginuity is that everything, from the largest banner to the smallest comma, can be formed and curated to meet a need and provide a service. Every pixel we provide is one that has been meticulously thought out and placed. Microsites, web banners, mobile devices, apps, videos, the list of digital media mediums is endless and yet still growing. Digital mediums have replaced lobbies and become the face of just about every company there is.

Good design will keep you engaged; great design will permeate your memory and entice your curiosity, making you long to learn more. It pushes limits, stands out in a crowd, and evokes emotion. It is this desire to create that revolutionized print and advertising in the 1950′s, and it is that same desire which drives us to look to the great names of the past and continue their legacy.

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