LinkedIn Gets Personal

LinkedIn is often perceived as behind the times in terms of features and as a social media platform in general. However, recent updates to the privacy/share settings and Terms of Service make it clear that LinkedIn knows where they are, and where they need to be.

Over the past couple of years, LinkedIn adopted SlideShare, a community for sharing professional content, and Pulse, LinkedIn’s news app, onto their platform, making them a key part of the LinkedIn channel.  That’s why, in late March, LinkedIn integrated the Terms of Service for these apps into their own, so now users only have one set of terms to agree to.

But the real item to get excited about is the new ability for personal accounts to hide information on a user-by-user basis. This is a feature borrowed from Facebook, which can help users custom tailor the content that they want different groups of people to see. This is excellent news for professionals who are particular about the information that they share with current or potential employers.This means SlideShare can be personalized to your profile, network and your engagement with content from both services. This is neat because it allows us, as a company, to reach out to our network and show them who we’ve worked with, and what we do. Feedback will be more relevant to our needs and interests with this update.

LinkedIn has also personalized the Pulse experience, so it delivers the most relevant and personalized content to keep users informed. You can customize your feed by choosing from hundreds of trusted sources and selecting which kinds of topics you’re interested in.  You can also see what topics are trending worldwide and then like, comment, and share articles with your network.

LinkedIn has added additional privacy settings you can turn off and on when choosing which information you want shared publicly. Some of these include: the ability to turn on/off activity broadcasts, selecting who can see your activity feed, choosing what people see when you’ve viewed their profile, choosing who can see your connections, changing your profile photo and visibility and having the ability to block members.

LinkedIn has always been about presenting yourself in the best professional light to your peers and current/potential employers. With these changes, users get to tailor the information they share at a more granular level.

These changes will make the user experience more robust and intuitive. The LinkedIn Team appears to be doing everything they can to remain the leading social network for professionals.

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