Learning to Ride the Wave of Opportunity

I’ve always been a meticulous planner – thus, my role as leader of our project management team here at Imaginuity. Throughout my career I have always set goals and had a clear plan to achieve them. That has served me well – I’ve had an amazing career, including a long tenure as the vice president of IT for a large company.

In my college days, I studied programming and then took an eight-year detour off the career track to stay at home with my kids. I loved every minute of being a stay-at-home mom and never regretted a moment of it. When I was ready to kick start my career again, programming had evolved so much that I had a tough time landing a development role. Fortunately, I found a company who believed in my organization abilities and hired me as a project coordinator, which lead to multiple roles and ultimately the role of VP of IT. After being laid off from my VP of IT role and a stint at being a franchise business owner, I landed a job as an account manager with a digital media company. There, I had an awesome boss who decided to throw me into the deep end of the pool because he knew I could swim. Even though I had no digital marketing experience, he saw my potential and took the time to mentor and train me. I absolutely loved what I was doing and excelled at it.

That’s also when I learned to ride the waves of opportunity instead of planning each step. When you plan each step, if one step doesn’t go your way it feels like you’ve slipped or fallen. Things don’t always go according to plan, like being laid off, for example. When you learn to ride the waves of opportunity, you open yourself up to trying new things and forging new paths for yourself in any circumstance.

I’ve followed the same philosophy at Imaginuity and it has lead me to my role on the agency’s management team. I joined the company as an account manager and am now the director of project management. I am responsible for ensuring we resource our client’s accounts in the right way and deliver our work with the highest degree of quality, on time, every time.

As I’ve gained more experience I appreciate the benefits of going with the flow versus trying to control each step of my career. The key is to believe in yourself, to not shy away from new opportunities, to have the courage to try new things, to trust in your abilities and the belief that hard work does pay off. And it does, I’m living proof of that.

So, don’t be afraid to take a detour and ride those waves of opportunity. You never know what new shores you’ll get to explore.

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