Improving our Neighborhoods

Last fall, Imaginuity took on a grand community service project with the help of the late Jeff West of Matthews Southwest and the South Side Public Improvement District (SSPID). With West’s support, we designed and executed a mural visible on a nearby thoroughfare, the Cadiz Street Bridge, which links Lamar Street to Riverfront Boulevard.

The mural, designed by Executive Creative Director Tim Langford, has motifs indicative of our neighborhood, the Cedars, as well as images representing downtown Dallas.

The Cedars was once the prime choice of residence for upper class Dallas society in the late 19th century; however the Victorian mansions of the rich were soon obscured by growing business and industry. Now, after spending decades serving industry and business, the Cedars is shifting into a residential and artistic area where entrepreneurial and innovative ideas reign.

The thriving artistic culture of the area complements Imaginuity, as we are a company noted for our creative accomplishments. The Cadiz bridge project is also significant due to its location, as it directly relates to the relevant expressive microcosm that is the Cedars area, and it contributes to the SSPID mission of enhancing public design in the area.

We at Imaginuity were excited about this project in particular because it was different from our digitally-based community service projects of the past. For the first time, we had found a project that everyone in the company could participate. Even better, the project directly improved our very own neighborhood.

On an overcast day in November, 40 of us spent 12 hours painting the mural, but that was just the beginning.

Tomorrow (Saturday, June 23), we’ll be finishing the mural with new additions as well as some final touch-up work. Stay tuned for more details!

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