On the Importance of Taking Vacation

With Spring Break upon us in Texas, some Imaginarians are taking the opportunity to downshift from our full-throttle work gear, to a lower and slower vacation speed. And that is more than ok with us!

Taking time away from the office, unplugging from our 24/7 digital existence and truly embracing work life balance is not only encouraged at Imaginuity, it’s whole-heartedly embraced.

From partner, to senior management, to account services, to creative and developers, to account development, we all need time to rest, relax, reconnect with family and recharge our life batteries.

It’s no secret — in fact it’s well document through many studies — that taking vacation is a healthy endeavor for the mind, body and spirit.

Most managers recognize the benefits taking time off from work provides to employees. The benefits include higher productivity, better workplace morale, and higher employee retention. Vacation time also correlates to significant health benefits including lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a more positive outlook on life, and increased motivation to achieve goals – both personal and professional.

Clinical psychologist Deborah Mulhern of Bethesda, Md., also has found that people who don’t take enough time to relax may find it harder to relax in the future.

“Without time and opportunity to do this, the neural connections that produce feelings of calm and peacefulness become weaker, making it actually more difficult to shift into less-stressed modes,” says Mulhern. “What neuroscience is showing is that we require down time in order for our bodies to go through the process of restoration. It is only when we are safe from external stresses that our bodies can relax enough to activate restoration.”

As you can see, taking time off is nearly essential to all aspects of our well being And, there is no time like Springtime to take a good dose of this elemental restorative medicine.

So, hard as it may be to disengage, put yourself in professional time-out! Take the time to enjoy life, family, friends and the wonderful world outside the hours of nine to five.

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