Hunger Busters

Texas is ranked in the top four states as having the most children who are food-insecure. Right here in the DISD, about 87% of the children rely on subsidized meals at school for breakfast and lunch, that’s almost 140,000 kids!  What happens when these kids go home?  Will they have dinner on the table?  Unfortunately the answer to that is a sad one, for most of these kids; those two meals offered at school are it.  Studies show that children who are food-insecure are more likely to perform below standards and miss school due to hunger and health problems, causing them to be held back.  These are not the problems our kids should be facing, but they are a very real problem.  That is where Hunger Busters comes in.  With the help of volunteers, partnerships and donors, Hunger Busters has the ability to bring a well-balanced boxed meal to these deserving children to help fight their hunger.

This past Wednesday, Imaginuity team members piled into cars and headed over to Hunger Busters to pack as many meals as we could in our three hour time frame.  When we arrived, Gumaro, was surprised and grateful to see us, I’m guessing he missed the memo to be expecting us but was happy he had extra hands for the morning!  Gumaro explained our duties and we got to work.  Things started out a little slow and rather quiet, after all we were still waiting for our morning coffee to kick in and eyes to fully open.  Luckily for us, Pandora’s Classic Rock station knew we needed an extra boost to get moving and made sure we had all the best jams to rock out our morning.  We all came together in a team effort and by 11:45 we had successful boxed 976 meals for DFW kids depending on Hunger Busters.

This community service was a great reminder that year around there are tons of families in need.  So whether you have some time this holiday season or want to make a great new year’s resolution, volunteering helps great organizations such as Hunger Busters keep going!  They rely on their communities to make their visions and missions a true reality.

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