How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Profile

You work hard and do great work. But does your social presence reflect what an awesome player you are? Social is not only a major part of how Google measures relevance — but it’s also how employers and potential clients do, as well. With approximately 350 millions subscribers, LinkedIn is, well, “In.”  But it might be a more powerful way to tell the story of ‘You,” than you might think.

Here are our Five-For-Friday tips to maximize your LinkedIn presence:

1.  Add Projects 

LinkedIn allows you to build out a section of your profile to display projects you have worked on. This relevant information demonstrates your skills to potential employers and customers alike. One note of caution: Make sure that what you are sharing can be shared to the public.

2.  Post Publications

Content marketing is king, and blogging is a viable method for producing content online, but did you know that you can do that right in LinkedIn? So take your crazy-good thoughts and things you are passionate about, and put them out there for the world to see. You never know what will make you stand out in the eyes of a prospect or employer.

3.  Change the Order of How Sections Appear in your Profile

Did you know that LinkedIn allows you to control the order of the sections of your profile? This is great because you can place the strongest section of your profile at the top based on what your priorities are.  Remember that engagement is the number one priority. If you get a viewer to spend more time on your profile, you win no matter what.

4.  Add Apps like Google Slides to Show More Content

Once you graduate to the point that you have a great profile pic and no misspelled words, now you have to stand out right? The truth is, most good LinkedIn profiles look roughly the same. You can change that my friend. Add in select apps like Google slides and Twitter (if you Tweet) and you will make things look a little more interesting by including a video or really smart presentation that demonstrates thought-leadership.

5.  Connect your Twitter Account

For an increasing number of career paths, demonstrated proficiency in social media is incredibly important. LinkedIn allows you to connect your Twitter account to share your latest Tweets in your activity feed.

It’ll take a little work, and a little maintenance, but it’s worth it. By making these five subtle changes to your LinkedIn profile, you have the potential to expand your opportunities, increase engagement with like-minded professionals, and drive your own— and your company’s — success.


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