How much tech do you need? More than you think.

Over the past few years I have read literally dozens of articles and blogs on the death/end/fall of the big agency in advertising and marketing. As social and mobile media continue to explode and more and more business advertising dollars get moved into the digital marketing column, many larger agencies are scrambling to meet their clients’ current needs and new demands.

The advertising industry struggles to understand why so many old-school agencies fail to keep up with the times, let alone prepare strategically for what the future will bring. We’ve heard all of the excuses:

  • They’re too big to adapt
  • There’s too much overhead
  • The leaders at the top are too old to stay abreast of new trends or make the necessary changes

In the meantime, more and more digital agencies are being sucked up into the major holding companies, while others are merged with older traditional agencies to bolster their capabilities.

All of this in the name of integration, to create one-stop shops for the major brands.

In the midst of all this uncertainty and maneuvering, one simple truth gets overlooked by traditional agencies (and even many larger digital agencies) time and time again.

The simple fact is that everything going forward from now until the end of advertising will be dependent on technology.

However, the vast majority of marketing and advertising agencies still operate on the premise that technology is a commodity. They fail to realize that the best idea in the world has no legs without the technical requirements, acumen, code and innovation necessary to bring it to life.

Today, technical intellectual property is just as important as the “big-idea”. Which means that — as troubling as it might sound to some — your development team is just as important as your creative team.

Now more than ever, technical development is not something you can outsource to India, or ship off to the lowest bidder as an afterthought and still expect long-term success.

I’m proud of the fact that at Imaginuity Interactive our development team is as deep as our creative team. I’m even prouder that our technology leads collaborate every day with our creative and account teams to deliver truly integrated solutions for our customers.

It is amazing to me that there are still large agencies with just two or three developers meant to serve the projects created by 30, 40 or more creatives. Technology is integral to the creative process, and some of our most “creative” team members are developers who relish the opportunity to bring great ideas and concepts to life in the world of code.

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