How Anthropology Will Change the Way You Think About Social Media

If you want to know what your customers think, take a cultural anthropological approach. Enter into their world and learn directly from them.

One place to start is by talking with your best customers. They’ll be happy to let you into their world and share with you. Especially when they feel so well served by your brand.

As a tool for cultural anthropology, it’s hard to beat social media. What role does social media play in your marketing plan? How important are Likes on Facebook and Follows on Twitter? If you’re interested in discovering what your customers think, social media is vital. And with the right strategy in place, your marketing communication is no longer pushing messages; it’s facilitating a conversation among your brand advocates.

Another thing to consider is that your most engaged customers are also your greatest source for referrals. They experience your brand frequently and their willingness to support your brand is a strong measure of your brand equity. See how we leverage positive customer experiences into social referral for our clients. This unique program has generated thousands of referrals and the potential of millions of dollars in sales.

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