Hard business lessons that lead to a powerful marketing solution

In a recent interview with Crain’s Dallas, Charlie Calise reveals the hard business lessons that led to the development of Calise Partners’ powerful AdScience® data management platform.

Crain’s routinely asks executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders about the mistakes that have shaped their business philosophy. They asked Charlie Calise, President and CEO of Calise Partners, to describe the challenges he has faced as an agency owner.

“Historically, advertising has been a mix of guesswork and good instinct,” Calise explains. “Technology hadn’t really caught up in this field. As a result, meetings with clients were often confrontational and argumentative because they had their own opinions about what should and should not be done. The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinions.”

In recent years, it has been commonplace for companies to hire a variety of specialized marketing partners. As a result, it became increasingly difficult to develop an integrated approach that would include a complete view of the effectiveness of the marketing program.

When clients accumulate agencies to combine these disciplines, they often create silos. And these silos inevitably conflict with one another, each competing for their own share of client budget and their own bottom line. More importantly, this approach completely ignores the customer.

According to Calise, “With all their agencies siloed into these specialty buckets, the clients couldn’t get a comprehensive, integrated look at how these different efforts were turning impressions into new customers.”

The clear path to integrated marketing begins with the customer. When a marketer focuses on the customer journey, they get alignment with the customer’s path. Because the reality of consumer behavior today is a multi-channel, multi-touch point experience. Marketers that treat these touch points individually often miss the mark.

A successful integrated marketing strategy takes into account which channels the customer is using at a specific point on their journey, and in what order and frequency. Above all, a successful integrated marketing strategy takes into account what information the customer needs and when. Otherwise, marketing money could be spent driving a customer right into the tempting arms of a competitor.

Generating new customers is what advertising is all about. So Calise Partners set out on a two-year mission to completely change the course of integrated advertising. They pioneered the modern practice of Advertising Science™ and created the AdScience® data management platform that profiles current customer and advertising activity data to more effectively mine for new customers.

“AdScience gives us an integrated look at all forms of advertising, not just online,” explains Calise. “The platform gives real-time prospect data. We can profile that current customer behavior to more effectively mine for new customers.”

Now Calise Partners is using the AdScience platform to take their clients to all new levels of success. “It’s totally changed the game for us,” declares Calise. “We’re letting the data guide our recommendations and producing phenomenal results. Now, we have a position of strength during client meetings because we have millions of rows of data to back up what we are saying.”

The results speak for themselves.  The undeniable effectiveness of the AdScience platform was clearly felt in a recent PPC campaign launch for a client. The campaign was slated to run in 44 markets across the country. To prepare for the big push, Calise Partners ran a test in ten markets. Then they took everything they learned and applied it to their 44-market campaign. And the results are stellar.

During the first month of testing, they increased leads by 58% from the previous month. Using the AdScience platform’s data visualizations, they optimized the test campaign, and were able to bring down the average cost per lead by 48%. By taking the learnings from the test campaign and applying them to the 44-market launch, they are already seeing amazing results, just a few days in.

You can read the entire Crain’s Dallas interview here.


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