Hang on; mobile is just beginning

Here is something to think about: There will never be as few mobile internet users as there are right now. The flip side of that thought: There will never be as many desktop internet users as there are at this very moment.

No matter what your business, this is important for your website. Those questions we all need to face sooner, rather than later:

  • Accessibility of your main site to mobile users
  • A brief mobile site vs a content-rich experience
  • Smartphone app(s) vs mobile site(s) vs full desktop site(s)
  • Strategically, how mobile fits into your digital traffic pattern

Here at Imaginuity Interactive, one of the things that I love about development is that I get the opportunity to develop all kinds of amazing projects for all types of technology. And yet mobile is still a secondary platform — or not even on the radar — for a lot of businesses.

With more than half a million Android smart phones being activated daily this sentiment has to change. The problem is that often times expectations are based on past trends. We naturally want to add feature rich add-ons, throw in some “wow factor” and blow everyone’s socks off. Whether it is a smart phone/pad application or a full blown website, good mobile user experience has to become a priority instead of just an afterthought.

Our strategy teams help clients get a clear picture of where they are currently, and where they need to go. It might make sense for your business to get an efficient mobile site up quickly, while working through a robust plan for digital. Perhaps you start with launching the mobile site, then expand it into a full desktop website.

A great place to start is by pondering where mobile fits into the overall scope of your business endeavors. If there isn’t a clear answer yet, that’s all right. Just don’t stay there or assume that what has worked in the past will work for the future.

Your competitors sure aren’t.

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