Halloween in January? Definitely, and digital

Happy New Year! It’s time for Halloween! What’s that you say? Way to early to think about Halloween? Well this is exactly what happens every year in the Halloween industry. A quick three months after the ghoulish holiday in October, the industry begins revving up once again in January.

Halloween has become big. Really big.

  • The average USA household spends $72 on costumes, decorations and candy
  • An estimated 89 million households gave out candy in 2012 for Halloween
  • It has morphed into a $7 billion-dollar industry; yes billion with a “B”
  • More stats on the just-closed 2012 season in a creepy-cool infographic

This week, I had the opportunity to attend the Halloween and Party Expo 2013. Held in the Houston Convention Center January 19 to 22, the industry descends into Houston to discover all the new products and services associated with Halloween 2013.

Every year the exhibitors put on fantastic shows demonstrating their wares. Everything from new costume trends to yard art to the latest in home decorations, it’s all here.

What brought Imaginuity to HPE 2013 (#HPE13) was the opportunity to speak about the power of social media. Jason Bonner (@jbon426) and I got the opportunity on to present Monday (complete with catchy title) a session on “Social Media is All Business.” Our session included advice and tips for how businesses large and small can leverage social media to increase reach and achieve business goals.

Our session was fantastic! Here are some quick tips regarding social media that we provided for #HPE13

Don’t just put up products on Facebook. Show how your product or services will benefit your customers. They are browsing for content and inspiration when on social media, not looking to buy products directly from your Facebook page.

  • Add social media icons to your marketing materials online and offline. Just remember to give specific links when in print to your social media URLs. Don’t make the customer hunt for you online.
  • Plan ahead! Social media is all about conversations and content not a shopping experience. Plan an editorial calendar once a month on what you are going to say, how you are going to say it and where you are going to say it. The Halloween marketing schedule should start in July with marketing and ads running in September.
  • Have ongoing conversations with your social media audiences, and be prepared to talk about everything from products and services to recruiting to customer service. Your audience will use social media for just about anything you can think of so be ready and have a response model created for various audiences.


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