The great big idea vs. the real world

Having served as a corporate controller for a variety of corporations over the past three decades, I find it quite amazing that I am now enjoying my job the most with one of the most unlikely situations of all – a nationally recognized interactive agency full of creative people.

Being a certified public accountant (CPA), I have spent my entire career honing skills needed for financial statements, reconciliations and accounting rules that require little or no room for creativity. In fact, should I get creative at all with most of my work, I might lose my license or quite possibly even land in jail.

What’s more, it has been my experience that visionaries often have brilliant ideas, but sometimes lack the background, skills or organizational support needed to implement them. I have witnessed many a wonderful creative initiative crash and burn over the years, because the visionary leader did not fully understand the actual costs or opportunity costs needed for a successful delivery.

So, what is different here at Imaginuity Interactive? A hearty dose of reality and strategy, to launch the great creative idea into the real business world where it has to succeed. Our four partners bring a variety of career experience to the table. That mix of strategy, creative, technology, sales, marketing, finance, project management and legal experience is an important litmus test for the great big interesting ideas.

Bottom line: To get your great big interesting idea launched, you need a corporate culture that accomplishes two things:
1) Creates a work environment where diverse talents and strengths are valued, as everyone is encouraged to come up with the great big interesting idea.
2) AND one that creates the trust and collaboration for everyone to think through and test out and challenge how the idea could or should be launched, to bring business value to our clients. In the real world.

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