I remember as a kid watching movies, like Spy Kids, The Incredibles, and Men in Black, and thinking how cool it’d be to own a pair of high tech glasses that would be able to scan items, look up information and secretly snap pictures of my targets as I completed a dangerous mission. What kid didn’t want a pair of glasses like that? Well in the 90’s red tinted sunglasses sufficed. Today however, glasses with that sort of technology are more of a reality rather than a distant, far-fetched dream. I introduce to you Google Glass! Google has taken innovation to the next level, turning portable into wearable, and turning technology into fashion.

The idea behind this technology isn’t completely new; it has existed for about a hundred years in aviation. Deriving from the “Heads-Up Display” Google Glass takes a less awkward and bulky approach to a transparent display in your natural line of vision, while adding cool features to the mix. Google glass is a voice activated device that allows you to take picture and videos, share them to your choice of social media, send messages, ask questions and search the web for answers, translate your voice, and even display navigation routes right in front your eyes.

Google Glass has a touch pad and a microphone on one arm of the frame allowing you to access data either by voice command or touch, the technology also includes sound capability with bone conduction technology. Bone conduction technology conducts sound in the inner ear by vibrating certain bones in the skull. Bone conduction technology is really common in hearing aid devices such as cochlear implants for the hearing impaired. This is an interesting feature of Google Glass because it doesn’t require putting anything in your ear like headphones or a Bluetooth device, which can inhibit casual conversation.

Despite all the neat features Google Glass has to offer, many people have expressed concerns with some of its features. Several companies, such as movie theaters and casinos, banned Google Glass from their business before it officially came out. Other than businesses, many women fear that men will take advantage of the camera features and take pictures and videos without their knowledge or permission. This could be the ultimate tool for a stalker. Imagine how easy it would be to snap pictures and look up information about a person without them knowing. I know spy glasses were a childhood dream, but in certain settings, glasses like these could lead to some extremely uncomfortable situations. Especially in a date like setting!

Not only can Google Glass be invasive of people’s privacy, it is also an extremely expensive piece of technology. Costing roughly $1,500 for a pair, and around $40 a month for data, Google Glass isn’t as realistic for people who don’t have bottomless pockets. Other than price, there are a few fallbacks including battery life, and limited web surfing . . . not to mention, navigating the device can be hard in a loud room or in a place you can’t speak aloud.

Regardless of the cons Google Glass has to deal with, I think that this device is extremely impressive and futuristic and just down right cool! Personally, I will probably wait until the second or third generation to get my own pair. They can only get cooler from here!

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