Google+: Is it a Facebook killer?

Now that I’ve survived the grueling process of importing my Facebook (FB) contacts into Google+, my personal opinion on this latest-greatest social media hub may be a little bittersweet.


I like the Google+ ability to put my contacts into its communication Circles, because I can allow specific people to see specific things. And the pressure is on for Facebook to match this functionality. I would bet there’s a team of FB tech geeks already working on expanding its Friends List functionality. Facebook currently lets you assign a custom tag to each friend, so allowing you to limit what friends see based on this attribute should be somewhat easy to do.
I have my FB friends sorted into categories like Imaginuity Interactive, High School, College, Family, Microsoft, Vectrix, etc.

In theory, FB could add functionality into the Share bar and dynamically generate a dropdown or select based on your friends list. If I could select from a list of these custom tags I have created, with the ability to share content specifically only to each group then, voila, Google+ Circles.


At this stage in the social media game, rolling out a new social network with less functionality and one new feature doesn’t make Google+ a Facebook killer. It’s a safe bet that Google+ will evolve and find its niche, and there will be a place for both online.

But I’m not ready to write off Facebook just yet. Often the public migrates slowly to new channels. Lots of busy folks don’t have the time to invest in something that adds incremental value, and that’s where I see Google+ today. The 18 million-plus Google+ users are those early adopters, not the everyday users that Google needs to attract to make the product hit critical mass.

Thanks for reading. For the time being, you can catch me on Facebook.

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