Google is changing our world view yet again – this time using Street View.

Have you ever explored the Google Maps Street View option? Until recently, I had only used the Street View option, which allows users to see detailed images of almost every place on earth, to explore the houses and neighborhoods I was looking at to purchase my new home. It’s pretty awesome that you can visit almost any country and get a feel for what it looks like and some of its culture. Google has even expanded its options to explore zoos, national parks and the ocean.

With Google Maps’ latest upgrade, you can now enter a time machine that takes you back to 2007. You can explore the Street View digital time capsule, which contains a collection of images documenting the before, during and after stages of several landmarks. Want to see the Freedom Tower being built in New York City? No problem. How about the new World Cup Stadium built in Fortaleza, Brazil for the 2014 World Cup? You’ve got it!

So what does this mean for marketers and advertisers? We can only dream about what the possibilities will be. Let’s say your agency has an architecture firm as a client and they want to be able to stand out above all of the other architecture firms. Wouldn’t it be an advantage to be able to showcase their work through a Google Maps Street View video linked on their website? Their potential clients would be able to see what they have built from the ground up and measure the timeline it took for the different stages in development. The Street View option even allows for photos from the inside of a building, so in the future, you might be able to not only provide the complete building process but also allow for a virtual tour of the inside of the building, showcasing all of the unique and creative features the architecture firm can provide to their potential clients.

Google Maps Street View has made it possible to explore the world at your fingertips, and that is pretty cool! The next time you have 15 minutes, we suggest you visit their site and see what kind of amazing views they have from all around the world. You won’t be disappointed.

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