Google Agrees, Content is King: 5 Ways to Tame the Panda

Google’s at it again with the latest Panda algorithm update. The changes mean the ubiquitous search engine is looking at your website content in a whole new way, so maybe it’s time for you to do the same. Will Panda’s new content rules upgrade or outdate your site? Make sure it’s the former by following these simple rules.

1. Create unique content. If your site has the same information as your competitors’, it will probably get buried in search. Provide information that is valuable to your consumer in a different or unique way, and your site will climb the rankings.

 2. Create valuable content. Panda awards websites containing high-quality content with an elevated organic search position. The more quality information your site has, the better chance it has to survive.

3. Build authority by building links. If the Huffington Post writes an article about your company, for instance, link it to your page. Seek out those opportunities to build links and site visibility will naturally increase.

4. Create shareable content.  People share one-of-a-kind, intriguing links. If you can find a way to relate such content to your industry, your post will more likely be shared and therefore increase your search rankings.

5. Don’t duplicate content. Though your website may have two or more similar pages, copying and pasting is the enemy of SEO. Find a new angle to write about and watch your visibility flourish.

This is just another move on Google’s part to establish content as king of the internet. Want to learn more ways to utilize the written word to your benefit? Give us a call, and find out how our Imaginuity content strategists can make a difference for your online brand today.

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