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When I started working at Imaginuity I was a junior sales rep. I already had experience working at a sales call center and had no ‘phone fear’, so the position at the agency was perfect. In the beginning, It was my job to connect the agency with opportunities to meet with new prospective clients. I knew that if I did this job well I could join the outside sales team, which was the role I really wanted. But I also knew I had to earn it.

Before coming to Imaginuity, I didn’t have any experience in digital marketing. I worked really hard, did my research, went to every meeting I could, took a copious amount of notes and asked my teammates to teach me the business of our business. I could have been afraid to take the job because of my lack of experience in the industry, but I wasn’t. I relied on my business development ability, being a sponge for knowledge and being a hard worker – those were my power centers and I was going to use them.

When opportunities presented themselves for me to take on more responsibility, I grabbed them without hesitation. I knew the more I learned and the more I contributed to the team, the more valuable I could become to the company. I also knew that value would move me closer to the outside sales role I was aiming for.

Taking on a new role in a new industry and putting in the time to learn the business inside and out has paid off. I’ve been blessed with a great team and a great boss. As a result of hard work, I was elevated to new positions before even asking for them. I believe it’s because I’m not afraid to go after what I want in life. I don’t let anything hold me back and I always leverage my power center to create success for my team and myself.

I love having a voice at a company that’s doing amazing work and its’ gratifying that I’ve had a hand in the agency’s growth. Today, I appreciate having the chance to mentor new talent. I take pride in the fact that I can make a meaningful impact on our clients work and the future direction of our company.

Never be afraid to go after what you want for your career—Go get it! And remember to leverage your strengths and always stay true to your power centers.

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